A world steeped in corruption. A land turned against itself. A city where your most valuable asset is your wits. The city of silence, where snitches end up in ditches…

Welcome to Meldor, the world forgotten by it’s gods.

Once a place of exceptional kindness and beauty, largely ruled by a benevolent Monarchy and tended to by an attentive pantheon of gods; Meldor has become a place where even the concept of good has been corrupted and monetized. Where scraping by is staying ahead of the curve. Where money will buy you everything you could ever need or want and some things you don’t. And the jewel that sits atop it all…

Stille, The City of Silence

Stille, or The City of Silence because no one dares speak of it’s true nature, is the largest metropolis on the planet. It is ruled in name by an elected Lord but in actuality by the Five Families, noble families who founded the city in the distant past. The Outer City is a haven for all sorts of criminals, vagabonds, rapscallions, ne’er-do-wells, vandals, riff raff, bandits, brigands, thieves, murderers, rapists, brigands, highwaymen, beggars, and more all living among the lower class and merchants. The walls of the Outer City are open to anybody and remain so as long as they don’t break the one rule of Stille: do not disturb the money. Gold flows through the city like the river Meldoropa and many from top to bottom take their share. Violence and thievery, without the blessing of one or more of the Families, disturb that torrent of gold and are not tolerated (if you are caught). That is, unless you have the coin to persuade calmer minds to prevail. Still, crime runs rampant here, different illegal operations backed by one Family or another as the guards are paid to turn a blind eye. Many a poor occupant of The Outer City has ended up working for a Family, sometimes without even knowing it.

The Inner City is restricted to citizens with few exceptions. Here is where the middle class and elite make their homes and fortunes. Divided physically into 5 buroughs, each managed by one of the Families, the Inner City is home to many extravagant pieces of architecture and art; high end stores of any kind carrying the most rare and expensive items on Meldor; wizards and sorcerers that make the impossible look like the work of children; manses and estates that dwarf the enormous temples to any god you can imagine and a park that passes as it’s own forest. Corruption of a different sort runs here, the politics between the families run deep, feuds have built up over centuries, but no blood is openly shed. The whole city is engulfed in a shadow war as each Family takes its turn waxing and waning.

The City extends many miles in each direction with faster travel provided by teleportation

City of Silence

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